Mission & Vission

Nafeesthul Misriya institute of Innovative Studies- Mangalad is a centre for women’s education and empowerment run by Nafeesthul Misriya Educational and Charitable Trust. Having found its chirman in hounarble Sayid Rasheedali Shihab Tangal Panakkad, The institute aims at filling the vivid slots in the arena of Muslim women education , providing them both with secular and Islamic academic opportunities . Deriving the inspiration from the eventful life of Hazrth Nafeesathul Misriya ( Allah may pleased with her) the institute eyes at moulding a new generation, equipped with the traits to co-walk with the religious and worldly calls of the developed world for redeeming the Islamic culture and hence succeeding in all the walks viz as sister, wife, mother and a proud human being. The institute advocates the real undistorted message of Islam and brings up loyal ctizens as envisaged by the constitution of our nation and thereby contributes to the cause of making an ideal India.

We are starting institutions for providing religious as well as general education for female SSC pass-outs. Nafeesathul Misriya Institute will be providing a detailed study in both sectors. It’s our ambition to nurture socially bright and strong ladies for building a better tomorrow, as the female sector has proven to be a stronghold a stable society. As an initial step towards attaining this goal, we have combined the general and religious educational fields. General one includes Humanities and Commerce stream for SSC pass-outs and UGC accredited B.A. English and B.Com degrees for HSC ( +2 ) pass-outs. Whereas, on the other side, Islamic history and Karma Shastra has been given detailed standards. Five languages including Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi and Malayalam are taken well care of. Leadership qualities in classroom level, writing and speech abilities, debates and group discussions, leading prayers and many such training are included in curriculum.